Jackie Brenner Photography
Holt Cemetery

Please allow me to introduce Holt Cemetery, founded in 1879 as the final resting place of the city’s underprivileged. Unlike the elegant, refined, above ground tombs, New Orleans is famous for, Holt is a dilapidated, decaying, boisterous place of magic. When you first enter you may be overwhelmed by the chaos. Stop, clear your vision, open your eyes and senses and experience Holt. She is an artscape - a gathering place where the dead co-mingle and the ones left behind come to remember, to celebrate, to personalize and to continue the life that has passed on. Life is messy, Holt is messy. Life is confused, Holt is confused. Life is tough, Holt is tough. Life is a will to survive; Holt is a will to survive. Life teaches the comfort of family. Holt teaches the comfort of family. Life is a lesson, Holt is a lesson. As Life is embraced, Holt is embraced with respect, reverence and remembrance. Enter Holt, open your heart and experience life.

Music: Just a Closer Walk With Thee, by Rebirth Brass Band