Jackie Brenner Photography
Friday Night At The Palace

What better place to find eccentricities that in the game of pool which requires great precision, concentration, sportsmanship and sheer elegance but is played in a hall that is dark, dingy, at times dangerous and permeated by the stale odor of liquor and cigarettes. Welcome to the Sport Palace founded in 1958. In its heyday, it hosted big-money games played by the likes of Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats. Today, the road players pass through and when there is a quarter on the corner of the table, there is money on the game and the players are “in action”.  I shot the Palace on Friday nights when the wannabees, couples and those just hanging out show up. As I prowled with my camera, some questioned my intent then approvingly returned to their play, others completely ignored me and some adamantly refused to let me capture their portraits. Despite one’s level of skill, something magical happens as the player, stick in hand, approaches the large expanse of felt, the balls neatly in the rack awaiting the crash of the cue ball and its’ resulting chaos-- the dignity, beauty and eloquence is astounding.

Music : Regulate by Warren G